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Brief Information

About WellsLife

  • Wellslife was founded in 2002.
  • It is a professional Chinese herbal medicine research and development, manufacturing and sales biotechnology company.
  • It is Integrated Chinese herbal medicine direction and customer orientation.
  • The first Taiwanese company to obtain three Mainland China food audit certificates.
  • "Health-Care Products Market Conference" Co-organized the "International Health-Care Products Market Conference" held in Beijing in 2005.
  • Established in Taiwan as a professional channel for Chinese medicine clinics.

Performance Information

WellsLife Growth

  • China distribution in partnership with XinTan and others
  • New channels: CNI.Phoenix TV
  • 9,000 sales locations 1Q 2018
  • Taiwan and US distribution through licensed clinics
Organization Structure
  • Multinational network.
  • 20 years of operational experience.
  • IP development and testing in multiple markets.
  • Cooperation with leading research institutions such as Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • 9,000 clinic distribution across China.
  • Experience with China market, social and mass-media.
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劉大先生醫夾 - 攤折
劉大先生醫夾 - 左近字
劉大先生醫夾 - 證明文件
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  • EYDEAL ™
    EYDEAL ™
    EYDEAL is formulated improve your eyesight, and to relieve chronic fatigue associated with the over taxing of your eyes ...View More
    SOLIGEN is formulated to increase your bone density, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine formula, but unlike hormone treatment ...View More
    CELLINE is an age-old formula for anti-aging and immunity boosting, based originally in the Traditional Chinese ...View More
    FRELIEF is all-natural compound formulated with the treament of the symptom related to Hay Fever,and other upper repertory ...View More
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